Gwen Cherne


Gwen Cherne is an Australian War Widow. Following the death of her husband to suicide in 2017, she has provided essential advocacy for all Australian war widows and families, was appointed to the Council of the Australian War Memorial and serves as a Member Director for the War Widow’s Guild of Australia, NSW. In 2018, Gwen was appointed as an Invictus Games Ambassador for Clubs NSW. Born in the United States, her career has spanned a diverse geographical area, including the US, Australia, Afghanistan, Africa, Central and South America, and the Caribbean, with a focus on stability, relief, and development for youth, women, and families living in crisis and extreme poverty. Gwen has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Women’s Studies, and a Master’s degree in Public Administration with a concentration in International Policy from the NYU Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service.